Week 12 Online Notes

Class Notes


Video Survival Guide

How to Shoot Video Interviews

Shooting Web Video: How to Put Your Readers on the Scene

Cheat Sheets

Video Check List

5 Shot Sequence


Free Software

VideoPad– Is an easy-to-use free video editor

Adobe Premiere Elements– You can download a 30 day trial version



Ryan Brady Pole Vaulter

Living without Water


Say It All in the Microphone

Treating Pain

Extreme Couponers

Chincoteague Ponies

Here, After


What not to do…


Videos for 3250

This is the link to the YouTube playlist containing all the videos for this class, if this page doesn't load

Intro to Newspaper Design with Dreamweaver

Photos, Strokes, Leading and Tracking Tools

Designing with the rectangle tool and choosing color

Working with Character and Paragraph Styles

Extracting Backgrounds from Photos

Designing Tables in InDesign

Link to Table Image

Class Notes and Links

Week 1: The Tools of the Trade

Week 2: Your Personal Website

Week 3: Working with DIVs and Fonts

Week 4: Color Type and Other Design Ideas for Your Website

Week 5: Using Social Media Icons, Embedding Flickr and Working with CSS3

Week 7: Introduction to WordPress

Week 8: Introduction to the PressWork Theme

Week 9: Writing for for Blogs and Online News Sites

Week 10: Photography Basics and Working with Sound

Week 12: Working with Video


Examples of Multimedia Reporting Discussed in Class

Story Narratives

49 Miles, 49 Minutes

Graduating into Debt

How to Buy a Cowboy Hat

Letting the subject tell the story

Jerry's Cabin

A personal war at home

The Bartender of McSorley's

Various Examples from the News and Advance

Guardian Angels See the story Here

Creative ways of emphasizing an important issue

Powering a Nation

Working with Twitter

This is a quick overview of Twitter that I put together for a guest lecture. It covers setting up a Twitter account, best practices, and uses of some third party applications. The link to the full PDF is here.