Week 1: The Tools of the Trade

Week 2: Your Personal Website

Week 3: Working with DIVs and Fonts

Week 4: Color Type and Other Design Ideas for Your Website

Week 5: Using Social Media Icons, Embedding Flickr and Working with CSS3

Week 7: Introduction to WordPress

Week 8: Introduction to the PressWork Theme

Week 9: Writing for for Blogs and Online News Sites

Week 10: Photography Basics and Working with Sound

Week 12: Working with Video


Examples of Multimedia Reporting Discussed in Class

Story Narratives

49 Miles, 49 Minutes

Graduating into Debt

How to Buy a Cowboy Hat

Letting the subject tell the story

Jerry's Cabin

A personal war at home

The Bartender of McSorley's

Various Examples from the News and Advance

Guardian Angels See the story Here

Creative ways of emphasizing an important issue

Powering a Nation

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