Helpful Links

Text Editors

For PC use Notepad++

For Mac use TexWrangler

Color Selection Tools

Adobe Kuler is useful for matching colors

ColorPicker is useful for identifying Hexadecimal Codes

Embedding Content

Snapwidget for Instagram

Google Tools

Google Hosted Libraries– Go here to link to their jquery

Google Fonts can be used to support text on your site

Interactive Content

JQery Before/After

ThingLink Ides on Pintrest

Developing Visually Appealing Content

Design Ideas

Chucking Content

Writing for the Web: Chunk

Chunking content online

Face Your Manga (Create your own Avatar)

Social Media Icons

Align Images

1. Learning Basic HTML in Dreamweaver

2. Learning Basic CSS in Dreamweaver

3. Using Classes in CSS and Linking to Content

3. Working with Images

Zipped Image Files

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