Helpful Links

Text Editors

For PC use Notepad++

For Mac use TexWrangler

Color Selection Tools

Adobe Kuler is useful for matching colors

ColorPicker is useful for identifying Hexadecimal Codes

Embedding Content

Snapwidget for Instagram

Google Tools

Google Hosted Libraries– Go here to link to their jquery

Design Ideas

Face Your Manga (Create your own Avatar)

Social Media Icons

Align Images





1. Using the FTP Client in Dreamweaver

2. Introduction to Dreamweaver Part 1

3. Introduction to Dreamweaver Part 2

4. Working with DIVs and CSS

5. Working with DIVs and CSS Part 2

Link to Dummy Text Generators

Link to Background Image

6. Using Google Web Fonts

Link to Google Web Fonts

7. Adjusting Padding and Alignment

8. CSS Menu Links and Unordered Lists

9. Linking Interior Pages

10. Linking to Exterior Pages

11. Creating a Header in Photoshop

12. Photoshop: Using the cropping tool, extracting images, and using the shape tool

13. OPTIONAL video on a better way to extract a photo using Photoshop CS6

14. OPTIONAL video on how to install a Twitter Feed on your webpage CS6

Pastbin Code is Below. You can link directly here

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