Welcome to Melody Makers!



Website11Welcome to Melody Makers! Our music appreciation classes are specifically designed to give your toddlers and preschoolers a fun and exciting introduction to various aspects of music. We want them to move, sing, enjoy props, explore rhythm instruments, be exposed to basic theory concepts in a fun way, interact with classical music and classical composers, and laugh with our puppet friends! Our multi-sensory classes are designed to help your child make new cognitive connections using the temporal-spatial aspect of the brain that will benefit them later in the areas of reading, science, arithmetic, and even technology. While research has discovered many long term benefits of early music education, our students just look forward to classes each week because they are so much fWebsite32un! Our experienced staff has a lifetime love of preschool music education. We truly strive to be “Music Education At Its Best.” Lynchburg classes are located at Little Dickens Bookstore and at local area child care providers. You can access those times and registration forms here.