Lynchburg – Classes

Melody Makers’ classes are offered weekly at Givens Bookstore on Lakeside Drive.   Check out our registration form for class days and times.  We encourage you to come to a class and try it out before signing up!  Contact us at 434-237-5197 for more information.  We also offer these same classes at area daycares and preschool around town.  Check out our tab to find out which daycares/preschools we are already serving.  If you do not see your child’s center, please ask your director to give us a call.
Gigi Jingle Program
Our Gigi Jingle Program is a weekly, 30-minute music class for children ages 12-36 months and a parent or caregiver. Gigi is a soft-spoken, loving Giraffe puppet who laughs and sings with babies and toddlers. The children look forward to seeing “Gigi” and her many puppet friends each week! Rhythm instruments, drums (everyone’s favorite), streamers, beanbags and scarves are also explored while listening to fun music and songs. Each week the children listen to one classical piece including the favorites: “Flight of the Bumblebee”, “Moonlight Sonata”, “Bear Symphony” and “Water Music”. At the close of each class, children receive a Gigi Stamp on their hand while enjoying “The Freeze” dance.
Family Harmony Program
Our Family Harmony Program is a weekly, 40-minute music class for children ages newborn to five years and parents or caregiver. This class includes many elements of the Gigi Jingle Class but also adds a classical composer study and music theory time. This fall, the children will be introduced to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with the help of Wolfgang the Wolf Puppet. Musical Notation will be our music theory focus this fall. Clefs, Grand Staff, and more will be explored in a fun, game-oriented way.
Music Investigators Program
Our Music Investigators Program covers the same material as the Family Harmony class but is an independent class for older students. During this class parents wait for their child in the waiting area. This is perfect for the student who enjoys an independent learning environment. Parents can still observe/hear the class from the waiting area.

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