Rendering your video in Adobe Premiere Elements

1. Once you have completed your video edit, you will need to render it in order to turn it into a video that can be uploaded to YouTube. To begin click on the Share tab in Adobe Premiere Elements and Select Personal Computer

2. Select the MPEG option

3. Under Presets, select HD720p30 (This is the largest file size that it will render to. You would choose 1080 if your video was shot in this size).

4. Under Save In, give your video a name (lowercase, no spaces)

5. Under Save In, navigate to the place you want the final video saved.





Uploading to YouTube

6. Now log in to Youtube (You can use your Gmail account)

7. Click on the Upload button on the top of the page.

8. Navigate to where your video has been save on your computer and upload the video.


9. Once the video has been uploaded click on the Share option below the video and then click Embed.




Embedding Youtube in WordPress

10. Copy this code into your WordPress Post. NOTE: You must copy the code into the post with the HTML tab selected.


11. Publish your post.

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