Color Type and Other Design Ideas for Your Website

Use the following sites to get some design ideas for your project.

Use of Color, Balance and Unity

Matt Bango- Like the minimalist design here and the use of contrasts

Being Wicked– Creative way to create a theme using interesting words

Davroc Interiors– Scroll over the images. Easier to do than you think!

PANDR– Bold design!

Snog Yogurt– Pink!

Milan Chudoba– Lot’s of good ideas here in terms of type and color selection

David Hellmann– Like the idea of using an avatar. Just search on “create your own avatar” Here’s one to get you started

Black and White Concepts

The Fashion Photography– Great Layout

MediaFlex– Some color but a nice example of contrasts and use of Type

Examples of Text Designs

125 Creative Text Designs

25 Creative Resume Designs

Brands of Words– A great place to get ideas for typography designs

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